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Hardware Needed to built a ShopKeep System.

Click on the pictures below to order on Amazon.
Amazon had the best prices I could find)

Total cost for all hardware was $694.00.

#1-IPad 2-16 gig with Wi-Fi-$394.00 @ Sam's Club
 I got the black IPad & bought their 3 year extended warranty for
$39.85 + Tax=
Total cost was

#2-Griffin Case-$24.00 @ Amazon

#3-Ipad Stand with pivoting head-$90.00 @ Amazon

#4-Cash Drawer-$60.00 @ Amazon with shipping

#4-Router-$56.00 on Amazon

If you already have a wireless router then ignore this step.
 First you'll need internet service @ your store.
Second you'll need a wireless router to connect the Ipad to the internet.
I got a Linksys Advanced Wireless-N600 Dual Band Route
-made by Cisco Model# E2500-NT.
I setup this router so my customers get FREE Wi-Fi in my store.

I didn't include a Printer in this hardware section because you don't really need one.
If the customer wants a receipt-the software you'll be using will enable you
to email them a receipt or if they don't have email, you can write them a hardcopy on the back of
a business card. You'll save alot of trees doing it this way!